CARNAP explores scientific papers and refines knowledge for your journey of scientific discovery.

Implicit knowledge is only useful if it triggers new ideas

Digital transformation in life sciences has fundamentally changed the ways researchers access and manage scientific knowledge. Analytics allow us to deal with the complexity of data, but researchers cannot easily access valuable latent connections from knowledge embedded in the published literature.

It matters how you consider, define and structure data.

We have undertaken the mission of building a robust data architecture for machine reasoning systems. This enables the transformation of natural language data into machine-understandable knowledge and access to hidden knowledge that can be further processed to generate hypotheses.

Access the knowledge you need.

CARNAP is designed to help you control the literature and proceed to the next step in your studies. We offer a software platform that allows various queries on the semantic content of medical knowledge.

Why CARNAP is unique.

Knowledge Reconfiguration

It transforms natural language into our semantic model for knowledge infrastructure processing.

Knowledge Decomposition

It applies our unimorphic mapping algorithm to identify relevant domain-specific entities and relations.

Hidden Knowledge Extraction

It reveals hidden knowledge, based on an innovative semantic validation framework.